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Job Title Operations Supervisor
Location San Leandro, CA
Department **Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
FLSA Status Non-Exempt
Shifts hiring Full-time

As an EMT you have the ability to help one patient at a time. As an FTO you have the ability to inspire one trainee at a time. And as an Operations Supervisor you have the opportunity to make a significantly larger and lasting impact on hundreds of patients and aspiring EMTs every single day.

Could this be your calling? Is it worth exploring a new direction, a new challenge and a new opportunity to gain invaluable experience that will benefit you no matter what direction you choose to go in the future? Are you ready to become the Leader and Influencer you know you truly are? 

Your Superpowers

  • You have the ability to inspire, motivate and engage our team of aspiring healthcare leaders, and help them stand out in the field as patient advocates who truly empathize with our patients.
  • You love being the go-to resource and genuinely enjoy helping others get the information they need, answer the questions they have, and remove any barriers in the way so that they can focus on what they are here to do, serving our patients to the best of their ability.
  • You have a direct impact on exceeding our patient's and customer's expectations because you understand their wants and needs and are able to positively impact their experience through the EMTs you lead and coach.
  • You understand the importance of appropriate documentation so that our patients don’t have to deal with the stress of insurance companies and can instead focus on their health and well-being.
  • You feel good when you are able to form bonds with people, watch them grow and see them achieve things that they didn’t think were possible, but with your encouragement they were able to succeed and overcome their challenges.
  • You love getting to know your team member, their aspirations and you get excited when you think about the impact you have in helping them achieve their goals and dreams.
  • You thrive off of working in a team environment, where your opinion counts, your ideas are welcomed, and you can see the immediate impact of your solutions.
  • You enjoy new challenges, value personal and professional growth and understand that in order to be a successful person you must always be developing your skills, growing your knowledge and welcoming new ways of thinking.

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